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Many people prefer watching movies in their original language instead of their dubbed versions. However, finding matching subtitles for your movie files is not as easy as it may seem. In fact, most of the times the subtitles you find have some synchronization issues. OSDownloader can solve those problems easily as it can search an Internet subtitle database by not only file name but also other parameters as length and frame rate.

The application has a nice multi-language interface. You can straightforwardly find and download subtitles by adding movies to the list one by one or as complete folders. The tool automatically searches the Open Subtitles online database and downloads the required files to the same folder in which the movie is located. Moreover, you can set your favorite subtitle language. Besides, in case there’s no subtitle available for a film, the tool will perform periodical checks to download it when it becomes available. Luckily, if you right-click on a video file, you can simply choose the Download Subtitles command from the contextual menu. In addition, the application allows you to upload subtitles to the database or post your comments there. Finally, it lets you access information about the selected films on IMDb.

In a nutshell, OSDownloader really simplifies the process of searching for subtitles. Although it’s true that Open Subtitles is probably the largest database of its type, the fact that it is the only one supported by the application is unfortunately a limitation. Some media players can make applications like this one unnecessary as they have built-in features to find subtitles.

Pedro Castro
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  • It’s easy to use
  • It supports several languages
  • It can find matching subtitles using various parameters


  • It supports searching Open Subtitles database only
  • It shows adds
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